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Executive Steering Committee (ESC): campus administrative leaders working together across Academic Affairs and Student Affairs/Campus Diversity to ensure SDSU Navigate (EAB) is recognized and supported as an essential tool for student success.

Leadership Team: campus coordinators from Academic Affairs, Information Technology, and Student Affairs/Campus Diversity working together to implement SDSU Navigate (EAB) across campus.

Workstream / Value Leaders: strategic area partners working to provide feedback and ideas that help administrators and implementation experts ensure SDSU Navigate (EAB) supports existing processes or enables best practice in student success work across campus.

College/Unit EAB Specialists: highly competent users in colleges and units across campus that help newer users learn to implement and utilize SDSU Navigate (EAB) during and after onboarding.  If you would like to connect to a top user in your area, please reach out to your area's Value Leader, or submit a help ticket. 

Program Sponsors:

  • Joanna Brooks, Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement and Student Success
  • Stefan Hyman, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Christy Samarkos, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Randall Timm, Dean of Students / Assistant Vice President for Campus Life
  • Emilio Ulloa, Dean of Students
  • Christine Molina, Project Leader (Advising & Evaluations)
  • Kristie Dock, Value Leader Representative
  • Kristina Moller, Enterprise Tech / Business Process
  • Henry Villegas, Imperial Valley Campus
  • Amanda Fuller, Project Leader (Faculty Advancement & Student Success)
  • Tanya Calienta, Program Analyst (Academic Affairs)
  • Emily Kattawar, Program Analyst (Student Affairs & Campus Diversity)
  • Sean Hauze, Instructional Technology Services
  • Tim Rinehart, EAB Vendor Liaison
  • Ray Savage, Global Campus

College of Arts and Letters:

  • Karey Sabol

College of Education:

  • Patricia Lozada-Santone

College of Engineering:

  • Theresa Garcia

College of Graduate Studies:

  • Andy Bohonak

College of Health and Human Services:

  • Jason Ramirez

College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts:

  • Alane Lockwood

College of Sciences:

  • Estralita Martin
  • Stacy Ochoa

Faculty Advancement and Student Success:

  • Michelle Lopez

Fowler College of Business:

  • Kristie Dock

Imperial Valley Campus:

  • Aracely Bojorquez

Student Affairs:

  • Kevin Rush, REO
  • Daniel Oliveira, EOP / EA
  • Jessica Moore, SDSU Connects
  • Jessica Nare, Cultural Resource Centers
  • Sabrina White, Athletics
  • Shira Scott, Financial Aid