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SDSU Navigate: Campus Governance

  • Executive Steering Committee (ESC): administrative leaders working together across divisions to ensure SDSU Navigate is recognized and supported as an essential campus tool for student success.
  • Campus Implementation Team: campus leaders working cross-divisionally to implement and support SDSU Navigate.
  • Value Leaders: strategic area partners  providing feedback and ideas that help administrators and implementation experts ensure SDSU Navigate supports best practice in student success work across campus.
  • Area Experts: highly competent users of SDSU Navigate able to provide basic support to new and/or less experienced users in their area.

Acadmic Affairs

  • Joanna Brooks, Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement and Student Success

  • Stefan Hyman, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Student Affairs & Campus Diversity

  • Noel Bezette-Flores, Associate Dean for Global Campus
  • Christy Samarkos, Associate Vice President for Campus and Community Partnerships

  • Randall Timm, Dean of Students / Assistant Vice President for Campus Life

Academic Affairs

Student Affairs & Campus Diversity

Information Technology

Academic Affairs

Arts & Letters: Aileen Taylor-Grant (Assistant Dean) - [email protected] 

Education: Patricia Lozada-Santone (Assistant Dean) - [email protected] 

Engineering: Theresa Garcia (Assistant Dean) - [email protected] 

Graduate Studies: Andy Bohonak (Associate Dean) - [email protected] 

Health & Human Services: Jason Ramirez (Assistant Dean) - [email protected] 

Professional Studies & Fine Arts: Alane Lockwood (Assistant Dean) - [email protected]  

Sciences: Estralita Martin (Assistant Dean) - [email protected] & Stacy Ochoa Mikrut (Director, Advising Center) - [email protected] 

Enrollment Services: Marita Gubbe - [email protected] & Allison Pitcher [email protected]

Business: Patricia Van Damme (Assistant Dean) - [email protected] 

International Affairs: Chris Kjonaas (Global Education) - [email protected] & Ricky Paniagua (International Student Center) - [email protected] 

Faculty Advancement & Student Success: Michelle Lopez (Assistant Dean) - [email protected]  

Imperial Valley 

Henry Villegas (Dean of Students, IV)- [email protected] 

Student Affairs & Campus Diversity

Athletics: Sabrina White - [email protected] 

Career Services: TBD

CARES: Chris Turntine - [email protected]

Commuter Life: Eunice Flores - [email protected] 

Cultural Resource Centers: Jessica Nare - [email protected]

Educational Opportunity Progam, Outreach & Success (EOPOS): Shareka White - [email protected] 

Global Campus: Tamika Balderamos - [email protected] 

Graduate Life & Diversity: Feion Villodas - [email protected]

New Student & Parent Programs: Francisco Velasquez - [email protected] 

Residential Education Office (REO): TBD

SDSU Connects: TBD

Student Finanical Affairs: Shira Scott - [email protected] & Chelsea Payne (ECRT) - [email protected]  

Academic Affairs

Arts and Letters: Heather Harbaugh-Sanders - [email protected] 

Business: Sarah Mercado - [email protected] 

Education: Alison Sternal - [email protected] 

Engineering: Damien Rosales - [email protected]  

Enrollment Services: Marita Gubbe - [email protected] 

Faculty Advancement & Student Success: Brenda Diaz - [email protected]

Graduate Studies: TBD

Health & Human Services: Amanda Brown - [email protected] 

International Affairs: Julie Dugan - [email protected]

Professional Studies & Fine Arts: Chad Reyes -  [email protected] 

Sciences: Stacy Ochoa-Mikrut - (Director, Advising Center) - [email protected]  

Imperial Valley Campus

Henry Villegas (Dean of Students, IV)- [email protected] 

Student Affairs & Campus Diversity

Athletics: TBD

Career Services: TBD

CARES: Chris Turntine - [email protected] 

Commuter Life: TBD

Cultural Resource Centers: TBD

Educational Opportunity Progam, Outreach & Success (EOPOS): Daniel Oliveira - [email protected]  

Global Campus: TBD 

Graduate Life & Diversity: TBD

New Student & Parent Programs: Emily Kattawar - [email protected] 

Residential Education Office (REO): Ray Savage - [email protected] & Stephanie Morawo - [email protected] 

SDSU Connects: TBD

Student Finanical Affairs: Chelsea Payne (ECRT) - [email protected]