Giving Priorities

The Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement focuses its fundraising efforts in four major areas: Undergraduate Studies, Academic Excellence, Educational Effectiveness, and High Impact Practices. Within these areas there are specific funding needs for endowments; support for undergraduate, graduate, or faculty research; student scholarships; international student internships; and outreach activities to support the community and its educational programs. 

The following are the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement funding priorities:

Undergraduate Studies
Opportunities to support include:

  • Compact Scholars Program;
  • Undeclared Students;
  • Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • Transfer Student Achievement; and
  • Early Assessment Program.

Academic Excellence

Opportunities to support include:

  • Weber Honors College (WHC);
  • Honors Council & University Honors Societies; and
  • National Scholarships & Fellowships.

Educational Effectiveness

Opportunities to support include:

  • Support for program assessment and evaluation; and
  • Support for the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

High Impact Practices

Opportunities to support include:

  • International Engagement and Study Abroad;
  • General Studies Internships;
  • Service Learning and Community Engagement;
  • Center for Regional Sustainability;
  • Faculty-Student Mentoring Program; and
  • Common Experience.