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San Diego State University (SDSU) offers multiple academic support systems to include advising about general education, major, minor, and other degree requirements, in addition to supporting students' overall success.  Below is a summary how to locate and identify the variety of SDSU Advisors and support services.


SDSU Advisor and student interacting.


If you are a newly admitted student who has not yet registered for classes, please contact New Student & Parent Programs (NSPP) if you have questions or concerns.

NSO will continue to support new student’s course registration and/or finalizing their fall schedule. Coordinated Care Advisors, Major Advisors, Assistant Deans and SDSU Ambassadors will support first-year and transfer students, so that when they leave NSO, they have a full course load.  

For information:



After NSO or once you've officially registered for your courses: Use SDSU NAVIGATE to connect with advisors across campus!

  • Every SDSU student has a personalized Your Success Team list of advisors.
  • View and make appointments with Your Success Team by logging into SDSU Navigate, SDSU’s online student success system.  
  • Access the Students Resources section of the SDSU Navigate website to learn how to use SDSU Navigate to make appointments, and more.
  • The advisors that comprise Your Success Team can provide support and campus referrals if you are facing academic or personal challenges which may be impeding your progress towards degree completion.

Note: If you are considering changing or adding a major or minor, you will need to use the "Major/Minor Exploration/Change" service option in SDSU Navigate and schedule with an advisor in Student Success Center or major/minor area you are interested in.

You may see some or all of the following types of advisors as part of Your Success Team in SDSU Navigate:

Video 1: How to use SDSU Navigate to schedule directly with Your Success Team.

Video 2: How to use SDSU Navigate to schedule general advising appointments.

SDSU Navigate Service: "Asssitant Dean Support"

A professional staff member who supervises Major Advisors and helps with the most complicated questions, like: 

  • Academic/personal challenge
  • Academic probation/disqualification
  • Petitions, for example: add/drop after deadline, change to CR/NC after deadline, leave of absence, retroactive withdrawal
  • Student grievances
  • Engagement/leadership opportunities

College of Arts and Letters
Aileen Taylor-Grant
[email protected] 

College of Education
Dr. Patricia Lozada-Santone
[email protected]

College of Engineering
Theresa Garcia
[email protected]

College of Health and Human Services
Jason Ramirez
[email protected]

College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts
Lanie Lockwood
[email protected]

College of Sciences
Estralita Martin
[email protected]

Division of Faculty Advancement and Student Success (IS3D/Undeclared)
Michelle Lopez
[email protected]

Fowler College of Business (Acting)
Sarah Mercado
[email protected]

All first-time freshmen and/or sophomores at SDSU are assigned a Cooridnated Care Advisor (CCA) to support students' successful and smooth transition to the university. Note: 

  • For all first-year freshman, the CCA should be the main and first point of contact for advising support. Students should reach out to their CCA whenever they have questions.
  • CCAs use an advising curriculum that guides students through their first two years at SDSU. 
  • CCAs work with the student to develop a degree graduation plan, learn to navigate university resources, procedures, and academic advising tools. 
  • CCAs proactively reach out to their assigned students to schedule academic advising meetings throughout the year.
  • CCAs do not advise students about which courses to take to satisfy major requirements.

SDSU Navigate Service: "Major Advising"

The Major Advisor Directory is an online resource that lists all Major Advisors on campus. The Major Advisor is a professional staff or faculty advisor who:

  • Provides guidance specific to your major of record and graduation requirements, including: Academic plan/map; Course, schedule and elective planning; Academic/personal challenges (see for referral); Course substitution process; Degree Evaluation review; Graduation process; Letter of support; Planning for graduate studies
  • Helps guide you in selecting courses, planning and scheduling your major preparation and upper division major courses, and assistance with creating an academic plan to support your progress towards graduation. Only major advisors are authorized to provide advice on classes to take to satisfy major requirements. 
  • Answers questions regarding career opportunities and graduate studies in your major field.
  • Academic plan/map
  • Course/schedule/elective planning
  • Academic/personal challenges (see for referral); Course substitution process; Degree Evaluation review; Graduation process; Letter of support; Planning for graduate studies

Note:   Not all major advisors are available during the summer months. If your major advisor is unavailable during the summer months, email [email protected] for the proper advising referral.  

Note: All majors at SDSU reside within a college. In addition to major advising, general/academic advising is also available through College Success Center advising. 

SDSU Navigate Service: "Minor Advising"

A professional staff or faculty advisor who provides guidance about courses and requirements specific to your minor of record. 

SDSU Navigate Service: "General/Academic Advising"

You may see additional people listed in Your Success Team. These advisors can typically advise you about graduation and general education (GE) requirements, university policies, and more, but they do not advise on major requirements. General/academic advisors help with:

  • Course/schedule planning
  • Degree Evaluation review
  • General Education (GE) and university graduation requirements
  • Course substitution process
  • Letter of support (some)
  • Academic/personal challenge (for referral)
  • Peer or premajor advising

Note: General/academic advisors or Student Succes Advisors cannot advise on major requirement course selection.

General/academic advisors include, but are not limited to, the following:


SDSU Navigate Service: "Career & Internships Advising"

Career & Internships Advisors in your college and/or Career Services are trained to help you explore and plan for career and internship opportunities. SDSU Career Services uses HANDSHAKE to help students and alumni connect with opportunities. This online career development management system includes:

  • Thousands of Job and Internship listings
  • Resume, cover letter and transcript upload, storage, and submission
  • On-campus interview scheduling, workshops and employer information sessions
  • Scheduling one-on-one appointments with SDSU Career Counselors
  • Registering for SDSU Career Fairs

The evaluators in the Office of the Registrar provide support for complex student advising scenarios including: 

  • Graduation requirements
  • Transfer credit 
  • Guidance and direction on how and when to apply to graduate
  • Readmission to the University

Students may be refered to an evaluator by their advisor.

Graduate Program Advisors are professional and faculty advisors located in the colleges. For more information about graduate student support please visit the webpage for current graduate students. A list of current Graduate Program Advisors and their contact information is also available on the College of Graduate Studies website.
International Student Advisors work in the International Student Center (ISC), part of the International Affairs Complex at SDSU. These advisors support the success of international students study at SDSU. In addition to general advising, these advisors offer support to students in issues specific to international students -- immigration policies, visas, living in the United States, and more.

SDSU Navigate Service: "Study Abroad Advising"

Study Abroad Advisors may be associated with your college and/or the Global Education Office, and are trained to help you explore and plan global education experiences. If your major requires an international experience or study abroad requirement to graduate, or if you have goals to study abroad to participate in high impact experiences, you can connect with these advisors to begin the process of exploring and plan your global education options. 

Study Abroad Advisors work with the Evaluations Office to help students understand how studying abroad will impact their transfer credit and progress toward graduation.

The division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity offers student support services to suppport student health and well-being, students with varying abilities,  those enrolled in special programs, or students seeking personal and career counseling. 

Below is a list of additional support services to promote and support student academic success.





If you need help finding an advisor or other form of support, you can visit the Student Success Hub or the Student Success Help Desk -- or email [email protected].