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Navigate is a student success management system created by the Educational Advisory Board (EAB). At San Diego State University (SDSU), we refer to this system on campus as “SDSU Navigate,” and sometimes casually as "EAB."  

SDSU Navigate is an online tool to connect students to faculty, staff, and campus resources. The system links SDSU faculty, staff and students in a coordinated network designed to help students as they “navigate” their way through college. 


  • Schedule advising and other types of support appointments.
  • Review advising reports, notes and other information provide by your advisors
  • Request support from Assistant Deans and administration
  • Connect with key campus services, such as advising, financial aid, career services, health services, and tutoring.

Faculty / Staff

  • Access student information: contact info, grades, course schedule, and more
  • Communicate with individual or groups of students via email and text
  • Schedule and manage appointments with students online
  • Document advising and other interactions with students, which can then be shared with other advisors, faculty, etc.
  • Refer students for services or care
  • Access powerful data analytics


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