FASS Directory

AVP Office (West Administration Building 1st Floor)

Joanna Brooks, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement & Student Success
AD-101D • 619-594-6111[email protected]

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Annalynn Avendano
Resource Analyst, AVP Office
AD-101H • 619-594-8998 • [email protected]

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Samantha Lende
Academic Personnel Support Specialist
AD-101B • 619-594-1495 • [email protected]

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Undergraduate Studies (West Administration Building 1st Floor)

Jose Preciado, M.A.T.
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies
AD-101A • 619-594-3581 • [email protected]

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First Year Seminar (West Administration Building 2nd Floor)

Stephen Schellenberg, Ph.D.
Director of First Year Seminar

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Rebeca Navarette
General Studies Teaching Associate

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Supplemental Instruction (Love Library 4th Floor)

Emily Bates
Campus Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction
LL-462 • 619-594-2205 • [email protected]

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Student Success (West Administration Building 2nd Floor)

Michelle Lopez
Senior Assistant Dean for Student Success
AD-220E • 619-594-2871 [email protected]

Brenda Diaz
Student Success Advisor
AD-201J • 619-594-4687 • [email protected]

Student Success Help Desk
AD-201 • 619-594-5842 • [email protected]

Interdisciplinary Studies (IS3D) (West Administration Building 2nd Floor)

Adam Pine, Ph.D.
IS3D Director
AD-201B • 619-594-1467 • [email protected]

Natalie Jimenez
IS3D Major Academic Advisor
AD-201D • 619-594-4077 • [email protected]

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Sarah Richards-Axford
Math Equity Director
AD-201E • 619-594-2224 • [email protected]

Laura Angel-Zavala
Math Equity Academic Advisor and General Studies Lecturer
AD-201A • 619-594-1572 • [email protected]

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Weber Honors College (Administration Building - AD 220)

Stacey Sinclair, Ph.D.
Director, Weber Honors College
AD-220D • 619-594-2518 • [email protected]

Jacqueline Toy
Associate Director, Weber Honors College
AD-220B • 619-594-8071 • [email protected]

Kathy Sweetman
Administrative Support Coordinator, Weber Honors College
AD-220C • 619-594-2872 • [email protected]

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Kate Dunlap
Academic Advisor
AD-220A • 619-594-3834 • [email protected]

Center for Teaching & Learning (West Administration Building 2nd Floor)

D.J. Hopkins, Ph.D.
Interim Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
AD-206A •  [email protected]

Allison Vaughn, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
[email protected]

Center for Academic & Community Engagement 

Amanda Fuller, M.F.A.
Program Director
[email protected] 

Megan Welsh Carroll, Ph.D.
Academic Director
[email protected]