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Student Transfer Seminar

Did you know transfer students encounter a unique set of challenges relating to academic performance and well-being? 
The GEN S350, one-unit course, is designed with these specific challenges in mind. This course supports transfer students in continuing to develop and understand their academic and personal success skills to ensure a smooth transition to San Diego State University.  
The material covered in this class will assist in your development and understanding of academic and personal success skills, ensuring a smooth transition and support during your transition to SDSU. With the help of other transfer student classmates, you will 

  • Create collaborative, dynamic, and supportive learning environments
  • Strengthen learning and interpersonal skills for both academic and personal success 
  • Learn about yourselves and the many learning communities and resources that exist within SDSU
  • Identify, reflect, and implement personal and community strategies to achieve your short and long term goals as you move forward in your journey

Here is what past course participants are saying:

🔥 " I felt very isolated and disconnected from the other students who attended SDSU at the beginning of the semester. I am grateful for taking this class and meeting you all. I learned and grew so much in the past few months and as much as I want to take all the credit for that growth, I wouldn’t have done it without the instructors and the colleagues around me. Classes like this challenge me to dream bigger."

🔥 "Specifically, classes like GEN-S350 have provided me with a profound sense of direction for my time at SDSU, and I could not be more thankful for this experience."

🔥 "I feel better mentally. I met other transfer students that were going through the same 
adjustment I was experiencing."

🔥 "I wish I would have taken this course in my first semester."