Lower Division Courses

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GEN S 100. University Seminar (1) Cr/NC

Prerequisite: Open only to freshmen.

Provides opportunities to interact with faculty and staff in a small group setting. Students acquire study and interpersonal skills for academic and personal success. Special sessions are offered featuring campus resources including library, advising, career, health and wellness services.

  1. University Seminar
  2. Learning in Communities
  3. Living/Learning Community

GEN S 147. Data Literacy: Human Choices Behind the Numbers (3) [GE]

How social scientists use data, presentation of empirical analysis, and role of assumptions and coices in analyses.

GEN S 150. Building Your Future Self for Success in College and Beyond (3) [GE]

First-year students will meet one another where they are, build community, and explore how the latest interdisciplinary research, strategies, and tools can help cultivate success in academic and life pursuits as they develop and realize their future selves.

GEN S 200. Professional Experience and Community Service (1-3) Cr/NC

Prerequisites: Twelve units of college credit, minimum grade point average of 2.0, concurrent participation in professional or community service activity, and approval of course contract.

Academic work designed with faculty approval to complement concurrent paid or unpaid professional or community service experience. Information and course contract forms available in Division of Undergraduate Studies, AD-220. Applications must be submitted to the division prior to the end of the first week of classes. May be used to satisfy major or minor requirements only upon written approval of department chair. No combination of General Studies 200 and 400 in excess of six units may be counted for credit toward a bachelor’s degree.

GEN S 250. Interdisciplinary Topics (1-4)

Interdisciplinary selected topics course. To enroll contact the faculty adviser of the department offering the course. May be repeated with new content. Maximum credit four units.

GEN S 255. Bounce Back Retention Seminar (1) Cr/NC

Prerequisites: Academic probation students only. All participants sign Institutional Review Board (IRB) consent form.

In a highly interactive, small group setting, students learn a variety of skills, such as time management, test taking, class preparedness, and study skills, in order to strengthen performance. Students learn what personal attributes contribute to academic success and learn how to recognize and expand on these characteristics.

GEN S 260. Introduction to Peace and Social Justice (3) [GE]

Personal peace and nonviolent strategies for individual and collective social justice actions. Local, national, and global engagement to include economic, environmental, housing, political, and racial justice. International learning, volunteering, and Peace Corps service. 

GEN S 280. Introduction to Civic Engagement (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: Minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Civic engagement through service learning. Collective action and global citizenship. Civic dimensions supporting democratic engagement. Civic capacities and literacies for social responsibility. One to two hours of weekly community service required.

GEN S 290. Introduction to Undergraduate Research (3) [GE]

Prerequisite: Linguistics 200 or Rhetoric and Writing Studies 200 with a grade of C (2.0) or better.

Basic principles and practices of research inquiry. Design and methodology of three research paradigms (mixed methods, qualitative, quantitative) and proposal preparation.

GEN S 299. Special Study (1-3)

Prerequisites: Consent of department chair and instructor.

Individual study.