A person receiving help from another person.


SDSU CANVAS Homeroom for Advisors

SDSU Faculty/Staff/Administrators may subscribe to the SDSU CANVAS Homeroom for Advisors to gain access to a variety of advising tools, including SDSU Navigate (EAB) training materials (handouts, video tutorials).  To self-enroll in the CANVAS Advising Homeroom, first sign into CANVAS on another tab, then click the red banner button below.

Enroll: CANVAS Faculty/Staff Advising Homeroom

SDSU Navigate Training

Two main types of training are offered in the calendar below: 1) OPEN HELP - Users get one-on-one or group help about topics they choose as there is no set agenda; 2) BY TOPIC - trainings any user can drop-in for that specific topic and may have a set agenda.  No need to RSVP for either type - just drop-in & join us.  Click on any calendar entry below for the Zoom link. 


Google Calendar for SDSU EAB Training

EAB Resources & Support

Located in the SDSU Navigate (EAB) system, you can click on the question mark (?) in the upper right corner of your screen (screenshot below) to view the options for help resources provided by EAB to its users.

Screenshot example of help tool location in EAB system.

  • Release Information
    Explains updates to the EAB system that could be impacting your work or the way you interact with the system.
  • Search for Help Articles

    Find EAB published “help” articles on topics that interest you.

  • Help Center & Support Links
    Choose from the “Help Center” options that link you to instructional guides and informational sheets that can help, or choose the “Community” option that links you to user forums on searchable topics.