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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


There are somewhere between 300-400 advisors and student staff currently using EAB (SDSU Navigate).
Go to or click on the Black Button at the top-right of this page and enter your SDSU ID to log in. All students are pre-registered for an account, and staff who do not yet have access can request access by clicking on the "Submit Help Ticket" (red button at top-right menu).
There are more advisors to be added.
The SDSU Navigate (EAB) Campus Team can be found in Campus Leadership on the Left navigation menu of this webpage.
Asynchronous training modules for SDSU Navigate (EAB) are available in the SDSU CANVAS Advising Homeroom. If you aren’t yet subscribed, or need additional training/support after completing the asynchronous module, click “Submit Help Ticket” (red button at top-right menu).

Fall 2020

SDSU Navigate is implemented but we are still onboarding advisors, faculty and other relevant staff. The system is mainly used to run outreach campaigns for both advising and retention, to schedule advising sessions and record advising notes. EOP and Athletics use the system more robustly, including to schedule tutoring sessions and request progress reports from faculty.

Spring 2021

In addition to implementation from Fall 2020, the campus will expand its use of SDSU Navigate (EAB) to onboard all advisors across campus, begin piloting the system for use with mentoring programs, add new care units (like Financial Aid and the Library), pilot the student app for EAB, develop the ability to refer students to care units across campus using the system, and more.