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What are Outreach & Campaigns?


Outreach in the SDSU Navigate system happens in a variety of ways. General outreach is common and takes the form of advisors emailing or texting a student and/or group of students to check-in, provide information, etc. Mass communication (email/texting) sent to students must serve an advising related purpose, and require pre-approval if it meets either of the following conditions:

  • It includes students outside a unit's typical cohort or assigned caseload.
  • There are more than 100 recipients.

 A specific type of more formal outreach is a Campaign. Campaigns are coordinated communications for cohorts of students that will result in students making appointments.  All Campaigns require pre-approval regardless of cohort or number of recipients, with the exception of those that are part of a campus-wide, mandated advising campaign (e.g. is not part of the Unified Advising Calendar).

Outreach approval requests are submitted via the Request Outreach Approval button on the SDSU Navigate home page.