Benefits of Service

Peace Corps is a life-defining experience you will draw upon throughout our life. The most significant accomplishment will be the contribution you make to improve the lives of others. However, there are also clear career benefits from Peace Corps service. After two years abroad, many volunteers acquire fluency in another language. Employers often view long-term work-experience abroad very positively. Peace Corps service demonstrates adaptability, creativity, self-motivation, and discipline. The Peace Corps organization also offers job support upon your return, and there are advantages regarding employment in the federal government (see the links below).

  • Certain public student loans may be eligible for deferment or for Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Perkins loans may be eligible for partial cancellation by your lender
  • A "readjustment" allowance of $9,000 (pre-tax) upon completion of service
  • Language, cross-cultural, and technical training
  • Travel to and from country of service
  • A monthly living and housing allowance
  • Full medical and dental coverage
  • 48 paid vacation daysUnique graduate school opportunities
  • Leave for family emergencies
  • Transition and job support and social networking after service
  • Advantages in federal employment
  • Opportunities for short-term assignments through Peace Corps Response
  • No fee to participate