Application Process

Steps to apply to the peace corps

Building a Competitive Peace Corps Resume

  • Meet with the regional and/or campus recruiter to understand your available options.
  • Complete a BA/BS or are on track to graduate by the time of departure.
  • Plan early and enroll in the Peace Corps Prep Program at SDSU
  • Engage in volunteer activities on campus. If you are a senior and have not done that, get at least 30 hours over three months of volunteer service in Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Youth and Development or Community Services (non-generalist Peace Corps programs may have additional requirements for qualification). 
  • See the list below for potential volunteer opportunities at:
  • Complete 4 years high school or 2 semesters college level French, Spanish or other language.
  • Be open to serving in all Peace Corps regions and programs.
  • The following are "scarce skill" service opportunities which are hard for recruiter to find. If you have the following skills your chances will improve; however there are general positions in every sector if you do not possess these skills:
    • Agricultural Economics: w/ or w/out a foreign language;
    • Forestry: w/ a French fluency;
    • Environment: w/ a Spanish fluency;
    • Agriculture: w/ French or Spanish fluency;
    • Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language: w/ classroom teaching experience;
      Teaching credentials (BA/BS)
  • Career Services
  • Study Abroad
  • Student Clubs & Organizations

How to be More Competitive


Ninety percent of Volunteer positions require a bachelor's degree; however, there are exceptions. If you have any questions regarding those exceptions, please contact your recruiter.

The Peace Corps is partnering with minority education institutions to increase access to higher education. 


There is no second language requirement to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer; however, some regions, including Central and South America and parts of Africa, require Volunteers to know Spanish or French prior to arrival. Applicants are encouraged to build upon their existing foreign language skills through coursework or self-study. If you have any questions, please contact your recruiter.


The Peace Corps seeks applicants with leadership skills and community service. Leadership in your community, school, faith-based group, or service organization – particularly in planning activities, organizing, and motivating groups of people, and project supervision – will strengthen your application. Qualifying volunteer experiences are supervised, structured assignments that meet specific community needs with expected outcomes.

Your recruiter can advise you on the best type of volunteer work to complete according to your skills and interests.
Learn more.

Professional Skills and Experience

Demonstrating motivation and commitment, work skills and knowledge, social sensitivity, and emotional maturity will help any applicant. Establishing a good track record of employment and successfully achieving job competence may help demonstrate your productivity.


The more flexible you are in terms of your Peace Corps geographic location, your assignment area, and your desired departure date, the greater your chance of being invited to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer.