Transfer Student Scholar Success

Brenda Diaz (Southwestern College)

Major: Psychology

Brenda Diaz is a first-generation transfer student who graduated from Southwestern College with an associate degree in psychology. Committed to gaining relevant job experience, she works as an undergraduate student adviser and as a student assistant for the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement. She is involved in Equal Opportunity Programs and Ethnic Affairs and a member of Psi Chi, honor society for psychology majors. Brenda understands the critical need for first-gen student guidance; “There is no one in your family to tell you what steps to take.”

Brenda developed a passion for helping other students navigate the intricacies of the university complex and now enjoys connecting first-gen psych students to the campus resources meant to enrich the academic experience. After graduating, Brenda intends to gain more professional insights before pursuing a master’s degree in higher education. Her words of advice to first-gen students: “Get involved! Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, because they may never come again!”

Christina George (Miramar College)

Major: Criminal Justice Minors: Urban Studies, Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

Christina George, a transfer student with a background in finance, banking, retail sales, management and operations, owning her own business before earning her Associate of Arts in Administration of Justice from San Diego Miramar College, is an active mom who regularly demonstrates concern for her community through service: a middle school foundation board position, assistant scoutmaster for Scouts BSA, and staunch supporter of housing and homelessness initiatives. Also invested in leadership and scholarship, Christina was Chapter President of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, served as 2019-20 Tau Sigma Honor Society President and Transfer Student Outreach Alliance Vice President of Communications, and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi.

Currently, she is pursuing dual bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice and urban studies with a minor in interdisciplinary studies as a member of Weber Honors College. Christina participated in a winter study abroad experience in Argentina that emphasized policing and corrections, as she intends to pursue a master’s degree in city planning.

Lorise A. Diamond (Southwestern College)

Graduate Student: Rhetoric and Writing Studies, M.A.L.A.S.

Lorise “Rise” Diamond is a non-traditional transfer student from Southwestern College who completed her bachelor's degree in communication with minors in and sociology and honors interdisciplinary studies the Spring 2019 to graduate from San Diego State summa cum laude. Now, she is enrolled in SDSU’s two-year rhetoric and writing studies master’s degree program. Curiosity, compassion, and courage lead this grandmother and life-long learner to live her best life.

Rise’s SDSU student highlights include Weber Honors College, social science research, dual presidential roles with PSFA Civil Core and Lambda Pi Eta honor society for communication scholars, a faculty-led study abroad in the Dominican Republic, a summer international internship in South Africa. She received the Daniel P. Goodrich outstanding university service award and the Dr. Henry L. Janssen Honors Council Award. Currently, Rise serves SDSU as an RWS Fellow and assists first gen and transfer students as Leadership Development and Engagement Coordinator for DAESA. Lorise is working toward a doctoral degree and career in academia. “Campus involvement is key to accessing your heart’s desires,” she advises. “Engage, and engage intentionally!”

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