Meet the SI Leaders: Spring 2024

Chem 100

Hi I’m Claire! I’m from La Verne California and it’s my first year at SDSU. My major is biology and it is my first semester as an SI leader. I became a leader because I find chemistry really interesting, but I know it can be challenging. Outside of school, I love going to the beach and snowboarding!

claire d


Bio coming soon.

cody h

Hello CHEM 100! I'm Jesus and I'm from Chula Vista, right by the border. I'm a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering major and I have been with SI for about a year to a year and a half. I became an SI leader primarily because I like helping other people and lifting others up to reach their fullest potential! An interesting fact about me is I am a competitive powerlifter and aim to compete nationally someday!

jesus v

Chem 200

Hello! I'm Alexa Flores and I am an SI leader for CHEM 200. Some general facts about me is that I am a first year in the pre-medicine track with a major in Biochemistry. I am originally from the Philippines, but moved to San Diego back in 2021.My favorite hobby is reading! I just started a Book Club at SDSU, for those of you who enjoy reading. I became an SI leader because the program has helped me succeed in my previous classes. I was inspired by the SI sessions that I attended, so I wanted to hold my own with a subject that I am passionate about. This is my first semester of being an SI leader and I am so excited to be working with everyone.

Hi everyone my name is Corinne and I'm very excited to be a Chem 200 SIL for spring 2024! This is my first semester being an SIL, I’m from Corona, CA and I am currently a second year zoology major. I love concerts, hiking, and exploring new places. Some of my favorite musicians are Noah Kahn, One Direction (and all the solo members now :’) ), Olivia Dean and Bad Bunny. I can’t wait to meet you all and have a great semester together! 

corrinne m

Hi, I'm Amanda Stader and I'm excited to be one of your SI leaders for Chem 200/202 this semester. I’m a third year Marketing and Pre-PT major, and I’m originally from Los Angeles. This is my first semester being an SI leader, and I’ve decided to do this because I know chemistry can be challenging and I want to help you all meet and surpass the challenge. Outside of class, I love to go to the beach or out to new restaurants with my friends. If you’re ever having trouble with class material or just want to review, come to my sessions to do the best you can in this class!

Chem 232

Hi everyone my name is Jericho and I will be one of your SI Leaders for Chem 232! I am super excited to meet all of you at one of my sessions. This is my first year as an SI leader. When I took Chem 232, I attended about three to four sessions a week, which has helped me immensely. I decided to become an SI Leader because I like to share my passion for chemistry and I want to share my tips and tricks for passing Organic Chemistry. I am a 2nd-year chemistry major and after graduation, I plan on going to a biotechnology company. I love to cook, attend concerts, and collect vinyl records. Some artists I have seen live are Beyonce, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar. I am native to San Diego and some of my favorite places to visit are Convoy, Sunset Cliffs, and Kate Sessions. I understand that Organic Chemistry is one of the hardest classes anyone can take but attending SI sessions has drastically improved my understanding of this class. Many peers who have taken Chem 232 would agree the only way to study for OChem is to pick up a pencil and start doing practice problems. Luckily at SI, we will curate and handpick questions that historically people struggle with and implement problems that we saw when taking Chem 232 midterms. Good luck with your studies and I look forward to seeing you.

jericho reyes 2024

Hi everyone! My name is Noah Susskind. I was born in Iowa, however I moved to California when I was five years old. I have lived in Irvine ever since. I came to San Diego for college and am now a fourth year student. I grew up playing soccer and still try to play as much as I can. You can likely catch me playing a lot of intramural sports. I want to go to med school after I finish my undergraduate degree, although I am considering going to PA school to prevent being too stressed out. I am majoring in Kinesiology and this is going to be my first year working as an SI leader. I became an SI leader because SI had helped me in previous courses and I believe I can do the same. I am extremely excited to work with the CHEM 232 program. Organic chemistry can be an extremely difficult subject, however it can also be really interesting. It is important to use all your resources to succeed. I am hoping to provide a valuable resource and help clarify any misunderstandings within the subject matter.

noah s

Math 120

Hi, I'm Kevin one of your MATH 120 SI Leaders, I'm from Chula Vista. My major is computer engineering and this will be my 3rd semester being an SI leader. I became an SI Leader because I've always enjoyed helping people with difficult to understand topics in school. One interesting fact about me is that I can play the piano.

Kevin K

Hello! My name is Kimball Small and I am here to help with Business-Calc. This is my fourth semester as an SI Leader and I take pride in using my expertise to help students excel in MATH-120 and beyond. I am a 3rd year finance major, originally from Saratoga, CA, and relocated to Dallas, TX, in June 2021.  I am involved in a few student organizations on campus such as: Chess club, FIS (Finance & Investment Society), and Men's Lacrosse.

Kimball S

Stat 119

Hello everyone! My name is Abraham Camacho and I will be one of your SI team leaders for STAT 119 this semester! I am a 4th year San Diego local studying a Kinesiology major with an emphasis in pre-physical therapy. I enjoy various physical pursuits, such as going on runs, skating, biking, and playing ball sports. Having been an SI leader for the last couple semesters has given me the opportunity to learn how to break down and facilitate statistical analysis content in a way that is fun, engaging, and relevant. I'm looking forward to working with you all to better comprehend and retain challenging concepts from the STAT 119 courses. See you all in SI!

Abraham Camacho

Hi! My name is Kalena and I'm a third year Kinesiology Pre-PT major with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. I'm a native San Diegan and in my free time I love to run. I started as an SI leader during the summer session of 2022 and am going on my 5th semester of being an SI leader for STAT 119. I became an SI leader because I went to SI for several of my own classes and found it to be a great resource. Whether you are looking to break down a challenging concept or general practice I would love to see you at an SI session.

kalena G 2024

Psy 101

Hi everyone! My name is Bradley, originally from Woodland Hills, CA, and I am currently in my final year at SDSU. Majoring in Psychology, I am incredibly excited to be attending graduate school in the near future to receive a PhD for Clinical Neuropsychology. While this is my first semester as an SI leader, I am excited for this collaborative learning experience. I decided to become an SI leader because I absolutely love working with students and helping them better understand the material. That is also why I have taken on the responsibility as a TA for PSY 260, PSY 117, PSY 452, and PSY 350. Outside of academics, I have had some unique experiences, one of which was being a contestant on the TV show Wipeout. It is safe to say I will never sign up for another round anytime soon. As I navigate through my final year at SDSU, I am excited about the opportunities for personal and academic growth. I hope we can accomplish a memorable and successful academic journey together!

HI! My name is Lily Kecskes and I am a junior psychology major. I plan on getting my MA from SDSU in psychology so I can pursue a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology. I am from San Diego, CA and I love trying new restaurants (especially ramen) and cooking fun experimental recipes with my roommate. I have been an SI leader for 2 years and I love getting to know new people every semester. SI allows me to exercise my leadership skills and build experience with management and critical thinking.

Lily K 2024

Hi, my name is Katie Lofgren! I'm from San Diego and I'm a third year Child and Family Development major. This is my fifth semester as an SI Leader. I got involved with SI because I really enjoyed PSY101 and wanted to help other students be successful in the course. Some of my favorite hobbies are playing tennis, baking, and going to the beach. I can't wait to meet you all in my PSY 101 SI session!

Katie L 2023

Hi, my name is Ashlyn McKnight! I am a second-year Psychology major with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. I have lived in San Diego all of my life, and I don’t ever plan on leaving. This is my third semester as an SI leader and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you this semester at my sessions. I became an SI leader because I really enjoyed PSY 101 and I wanted to help other students succeed in the course. I even regularly went to SI sessions while I was taking the class which was another thing that inspired me to join the program! One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is read and if you have any book recommendations I would love to hear them. I’m excited for this semester and I hope to see you in a session soon!!

ashlyn m

Math 140

Bio coming soon.

Kaia M 2023

Math 141

Collin Bratzler is a Senior CS major and Applied Math minor. He is enthusiastic about making math learning more accessible. Through his work as an SI Leader, he is able to support the needs of his fellow college students and help them succeed.

Collin B

My name is McCain Le and I am a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering at SDSU. I was born and raised in San Diego and have lived here my whole life. I am a new SI leader. I wanted to become an SI leader to help students that needed the extra support that I felt I needed when I was in their position. I like to go explore the city, go on long walks, and fingerboarding with my friends during my free time. I am a MATH 141 SI leader this semester and cannot wait to meet you all!


Hello Aztecs! My name is Jayden Sumbillo and I’m currently an undergraduate student pursuing Electrical Engineering. Calculus serves as the foundation for a majority of the STEM curriculum and it happens to be one of the most important topics I’ve learned here at SDSU. This is my second year as one of your MATH-141 SI leaders and I’m here to provide assistance to anyone in every way I can!

Jayden S 2024

Math 150

Hello Everyone, my name is Patrick and I will be one of your MATH 150 SI Leaders for this semester. I am from Imperial, California and am currently in my fourth year as a Physics major. This is my 5th semester as an SI Leader, making it my 6th time taking the course. Since the start of my undergraduate career I developed a love for communicating the subject of mathematics which was only accentuated by my already present passion for the subject in general. My experience attending SI sessions as a student was the real driving force in what led me to this position. Throughout my experience as a leader, I've seen it from the other side as an instructor. I get to see not only the development and understanding of my students, but also the progression of myself as I learn more about individuals and what suits their needs as a learner. The impact of Supplemental Instruction is quite unique in student understanding of material, and in my many semesters in this position I have seen great progress of students throughout each semester. In my time outside of school I enjoy reading and watching shows. I hope to see you at one or many of my sessions throughout the semester.

Patrick Bush 2024

Hey, my name is Duane Gennaro, I am a new SI leader for Math 150. I was born in Uganda, but then was adopted and moved to San Diego at a very young age. For a lot of my early childhood, my family went back and forth between Africa and San Diego. I am currently a freshman studying computer science. I chose to become an SI leader  because in high school I was a TA for a math class. I really loved helping students and finding new ways to explain the same thing;  and it deepened my understanding of that topic. On top of that, I am a firm believer in the statement that all students should be offered as many angles as possible on each topic. Not only does this reinforce the knowledge, but also helps give students the ability to help those around them. A benefit for me that comes out of this, is deepening my knowledge of these topics. I'm also a firm believer that the next step after learning a material is either using it or teaching it. Those are two very effective ways to actually see how well you know something, while at the same time filling those gaps you didn’t even know existed. One interesting fact about me is that I played football for four years. People don’t really expect this because they don't think that CS majors are cut out for the football field.

Duane Gennnaro 2024

Greetings! I'm a freshman in computer science at SDSU. Recently, I took on the role of an SI Leader for Math 150, stepping into uncharted territory with enthusiasm. This marks my first experience as an SIL, and I'm genuinely excited about the opportunity to support my fellow peers in navigating the intricacies of calculus. Beyond the world of algorithms and coding challenges, I find solace in the simplicity of early mornings. The quietude of dawn often draws me outdoors for reflective hikes, providing a perfect balance to the digital complexities I delve into during my studies. Additionally, this semester, I've decided to embrace a new adventure by enrolling in a surfing class – a thrilling departure from my usual routine. While I'm eager to contribute to the understanding of calculus, I also value the importance of creating a positive and collaborative learning environment. If you ever find yourself with questions about calculus or simply wish to connect over shared interests like the tranquility of early mornings, hiking tales, or the excitement of trying something new, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to navigate this academic journey together, making it not only educational but enjoyable for everyone involved.

Math 151

My name is Kayla and I'm a third year Applied Math major. This is my fourth semester hosting SI sessions for MATH 151 and I have so much fun helping students understand the material. I was born and raised in San Diego, but I'm hoping to move to New York as soon as possible. I also love music, mostly alternative, and have been making killer progress in learning how to use my new sewing machine. I became an SI leader because I have always enjoyed explaining concepts to classmates and I find it so rewarding when I can be a part of their progress and success. I’m here to help and I look forward to meeting you all!

Kayla Andrus 2024

Hello! My name is Fausto Saavedra Gonzalez and I will be one of your MATH-151 SI Leaders for this semester! I am a third-year Computer Engineering student, and this will be my fourth semester doing SI. I became an SI leader due to my love for math, learning, and being able to teach people about a new subject! My hometown is Poway, CA, which resides about 30 minutes from the school! A couple fun facts about me are that I love to fish, play soccer, and spend a lot of time outdoors. I hope to see you guys in my sessions!

Fausto 2024

Hello everyone, I am from the LA/OC county area, and I am a second year doing computer science. This will be my third semester being an SI Leader for MATH 151, and I became an SI Leader for this course because it is a challenging course that many need to take. An interesting fact about me is that I learned how to cook last semester.

Evan T 2024

EE 210

Hi, I'm Gabe Cordova, and I'm super excited to be an SI Leader this semester. I'm a second-year computer engineering major born and raised in San Diego. My biggest hobby at the moment is rock climbing, so you can often spot me at the ARC. This is my first semester as an SI leader. I decided to become one because circuit analysis was one of my favorite courses, and I wanted to be able to help other people feel the same way. I regularly attended SI sessions for EE-210 when I was still taking the class, and they were extremely beneficial, so I highly recommend attending at least a couple of sessions. Best of luck to everyone taking EE-210!

Gave Cordova 2024

My name is Ethan Milan and I am in my fourth year studying Electrical Engineering. This is my fourth semester doing SI and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. EE210 can be a daunting course (I was once in your shoes), but with a little assistance and attending SI, you will be in great shape with progressing through the course. Apart from SI, I reside on the Aztec Student Union Board as the Music and Entertainment Chair and am on the Board of Directors for A.S. Career Advantage. Some of my hobbies include DJing (if you also like music, be sure to check out SDSU In The Mix Club), reading, playing guitar, and playing with my dog Kahlua. I look forward to meeting you all this semester!

EJ Milan 2024

Hi, I'm Brendon. I am a fifth year Electrical Engineering major born in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I enjoy skiing, working out, live music, spending time with friends, and of course Electrical Engineering . This is my first semester as an SI leader and I am very excited to work with other engineering students to pass EE210!

Brendon S 2024