Getting Started

What scenario best describes where you are with planning for an internship:

You are interested in participating in an internship. You want to know about internship opportunities and you want to know if completing an internship is part of the requirements for graduation for your major. Please meet with the academic advisor for your major. Please meet with your undergraduate advisor and a career counselor in Career Services.

Plan A. Your major requires that you enroll in a course to participate in an internship. Your major has a program that facilitates your placement with an employer or public agency and there is an established service learning agreement or (SLA) between the organization and SDSU. You will maintain a log of hours at your internship site and you will complete a written reflection of your experience to receive a letter grade and the end of the semester. Make an appointment with your undergraduate advisor to get started.

Plan B. Your major requires that you complete an internship, but you do not need academic credit. Your major has an internship coordinator and the internship coordinator will place you at a site for the semester. Make an appointment with your internship coordinator (Career Services) to get started.

Plan C. Your major does not have an internship coordinator; please visit Career Services to get started.

You have made an appointment to see your undergraduate advisor and you have confirmation that your major does not require you to participate in an internship to graduate. You would like to explore your chosen career or serve your community in a local government or public agency. You would like to have academic credit to meet other undergraduate graduation requirements. Most internships must be paid if you are not receiving academic credit. Make an appointment with Jose Preciado, Director of General Studies via email at [email protected]. See which internship sites have Service Learning Agreements in place with San Diego State University.

Please note that having a successful internship experience requires planning, time to coordinate with advisors in your major, the internship coordinator (when available), career counselors, and the agency or business that hosts your internship. Plan ahead- We recommend that you plan a semester in advance so that you increase the likelihood that you will have a fulfilling experience.