CARES Team:  Any student in distress can use this confidential process to get help from an expert team of student support professionals.

MENTAL HEALTH: Counseling & Psychological Services (619-594-5220, sdsu.edu/cps) offers a range of psychological services for students, including emergency after-hours support. The San Diego Access and Crisis Line can also be accessed 24 hours/day (1-888-724-7240).

ACCOMODATIONSStudent Ability Success Center (SASC) serves students with documented disabilities or medical conditions. 

STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES. High-quality health care from certified nurses and doctors at little or no cost. Students have access to a pharmacy, X-ray lab, immunizations, reproductive health, orthopedic care, and more. 

ECONOMIC CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM: If you or a friend are experiencing food or housing insecurity, technology concerns, or any unforeseen financial crisis, visit Economic Crisis Response Team for more information or to submit a request for assistance.  You will be contacted within 24 - 72 hours.

ASSOCIATED STUDENTS FOOD PANTRYServing students experiencing food insecurity. More information is here.

SEXUAL VIOLENCE: If you have experienced sexual violence, please contact SDSU’s Sexual Violence Victim Advocate (619-594-0210) or Counseling and Psychological Services (619-594-5220, [email protected]). For more information regarding your university rights and options as a survivor of sexual misconduct or sexual violence, please visit titleix.sdsu.edu.

PUBLIC SAFETY - CAMPUS POLICEThe SDSU Police Department safeguards the campus community through proactive professional law enforcement and service delivery.  A variety of services including blue emergency phones located around campus and a rape and sexual assault workshop.

COVID 19:  Students, faculty, and staff need to be immunized against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, with a vaccine record on file in order to access campus. Visit the university’s COVID-19 website frequently, as the site is updated with current information, including the full facial covering policy.

ABSENCES DUE TO ILLNESS:  Contact your professor/instructor/coach if you need to miss class due to an illness, injury, or emergency. All decisions about the impact of an absence, as well as any arrangements for making up work, rest with the instructors. If your illness or injury persists beyond five days, contact Student Health Services (SHS).

COMMUTER RESOURCE CENTER: The Commuter Resource Center is a space for commuting students to meet, gather, and form study groups, and more. Visit their website for more information and a full list of amenities.

RESOURCES FOR FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES: Student Life & Leadership has information regarding mainaining community wellness within chapters, as well as information regarding the university's anti-hazing policies.

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: Visit the Student Life & Leadership resources page to find important contact information, policies, and guide for recognized university Student Organizations.