Build a plan to graduate in two (transfer students) or four years (first-years).  *To maximize your chances of graduating in two or four years, include at least one summer session in your plan.

Tools to help you plan:

  • MyMap: This tool provides a sample semester-by-semester list of courses to satisfy graduation requirements in your major in four years. It is not personalized to you.
  • Degree Audit Report (DAR): This personalized report shows the credits you have earned towards each of your degree requirements and what requirements remain outstanding.
  • Course Schedule:  This on-line listing shows when classes are scheduled for the upcoming semester.
  • University Catalog:  This publication is a listing of all courses taught regularly at the University and all requirements for graduation. 

When you build your plan, discuss it with an advisor. Remember that only major advisors are authorized to provide advice on which classes to take for your major.