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As the student population in our schools becomes increasingly diverse, many teachers need professional development to build cultural competencies, the skills and awareness related to issues such as:

  • Culture
  • Language
  • Race
  • Ethnicity

Book cover with title and author: "Enhancing Cultural Competency in Educators: Culture Shapes Behaviors, Values, & Institutions" - by Dr. Tanis King Starck.To address this need, the Cultural Proficiency Institute for Educators (CPIE) has been established at San Diego State University within the Division of Academic Engagement & Student Achievement.

Academic Programs

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About the Cultural Proficiency Institute for Educators

CPIE’s goals are to provide current research-based information on cultural competencies that will help inform the design of professional development. This resource will be designed for higher education, state-, and district-level educators and professional developers who are preparing teachers to work with students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

The institute’s multi-faceted commitments are to measure and assess cultural competency, by creating self-assessment tools, instruments, and processes to identify strengths and challenges in implementing cultural proficiency training programs.

CPIE will provide consultation to an array of K-12 and university-based programs and departments on how to address cultural proficiency in teaching, research, faculty development, community outreach, engagement, and recruitment and retention.


Dr. Tanis King StarckDr. Tanis King Starck
Assistant Dean of Special Projects, Division of Academic Engagement & Student Achievement
Director, Cultural Proficiency Institute for Educators
Email: [email protected]

As a noted Psychologist and Educational Administrator, and currently an Assistant Dean in the Division of Academic Engagement & Student Achievement, Dr. Tanis King Starck has over 20 years of proven educational and administrative leadership in secondary and postsecondary education.

Nationally, she has developed and implemented school-based counseling centers in public schools in New Jersey and New Orleans, Louisiana. Over the past several years she has focused on the curriculum for her Cultural Competency Certificate Program which emphasizes cultural sensitivity and racial equality.

Most recently, as the Director of Intercultural Relations, Dr. Starck launched the 2nd Year Experience-Harambee Mentoring Program to aid in retention and to heightened experiences for African-American students.

Dr. Starck continues her commitment to empowering, educating, and fighting for the educational rights of under-represented students.

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